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Tuesday, June 26th 2007

19:50:25 (4493 days, 19h, 21min ago)

Girl Stuff

  • Mood: pretty good
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  • Reading: Maus, my father bleeds history - Art Spiegelman
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Before i scare away all male readers, this is not a blog about tampons and .'s as a matter of fact that is the only time i will ever mention either of those in this blog. It is however a disscussion of matters pretaining to and in regards to women.

Now first things first i'm sticking to a no-names standard. This is in direct relation to a potientally threating message i recieved from from an unkown source in regards to my last gf. While generally i would merely choke out the responsible parties having just ending my tour of the massachusetts justice system i was not impressed enough to go through it all again, additionally i'm concerned by the accuracy of the information included in the threat. So as a safety precaution for both my girls and my cornhole, which would get pounded if i get arrested again, i'm regretfully stuck with a high level of secrecy.

Second things second, I'm still crushing big time for the girl i've liked for a few years. Though this has been off and on, with others occassionally taking my main focus, I have mantained a level of loyalty to her which in all realistic terms is just pathetic.  Something about her just gets to me, with every conture of her face invoking feelings of both longing and of contentness. As odd as the concept seems to you, i'm sure that given just one glance at her through my eyes would confuse and confound even the greatest "playa's" of all.

lastly i'm hopeing to regroup with most of the tech based girls pretty soon. though i'm not sure the exact details, and frankly i wouldn't post them anyways, if you think you have some claim to knowing where and when then send a message to my mail or on aim.

peace and luv, the reverend Tim. Otto

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