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Friday, June 29th 2007

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Maus Vol. 1, in hindsight

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While it gives me great pleasure to announce that i have finally finished vol. 1(my father bleeds history) of art spiegelman's riveting tale of suspense and dramatic wordplay, i am aahamed of how long it took me to accomplish this. Other the course of about a month i found it hard to complete this mere 159 pg masterpiece of modern melodrama.

Timetable aside it was clearly one of the best reads i've ever had, simply the lasting impression bestowed upon me by the portrayal of the nazi's (shown as cats) brutal treatment of jewish children (the jews are mice) is enough evidence to conclude this. yet with the addition of themes like equality and hatred breeds hatred being driven home in parralel with the aforementioned concept, it becomes more than evident that this book is more than a book, it is an art form all it's own. From being moved from the graphic novel section to the biography section in bookstores, to being taught in class rooms and college courses across the nation, Spiegelmans work has only itself to compete with.

In an unforunete circumstance i can llok back on a life of trying to make light of the halocaust. For reasons including my german heritage and love of happiness and not dweling on sad or hateful things, i choose to overlook the true nature of the jewish oppression and annihilation of the 1940's. an utter nilhilist in the matter i cared about the actions of my german forefathers or the jews they no doubt dispiesed. This work has merely enlightened me to the error of my ways, never again shall i take something like genoicide lightly.

While i still have another volume of his fathers epic life to get through, it's a two book tale, I am taking a break from the decimation of the jews to enjoy the light hearted anti-Maus which is the Bone complete collection by Jeff Smith. Having Just cracked open the 1.3 thousand page epic (thats a real figure mind you) hopefully when finished I'll still be able to approach the second volume of maus with a serious head.

Congratulations artie, you bitch slaped those nazi bastards through time.

- Tim Otto

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