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Friday, March 7th 2008

01:34:34 (4541 days, 23h, 42min ago)

A new year (a late one at least) means a new project

  • Mood: Accomplished
Hey there loyalists, given any free time you may want to wander on over to this new site: Rogue Scholar
Admittedly it doesn't look like much, but the author gives me reason to believe this could actually develop into something great.

Anyways the site is something I've been meaning to put together FOREVER, so some support regaring it would be greatly appreciated. It's hopeful but if it takes off and becomes popular then the ultimate goal is to offer honest to god accredited college courses online -free of charge-. Pretty noble huh?

Anyways this may be the one pony you should back,

Peace and luv, Zypher T. Leetest
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